investigazioni private milano - immagine di una lente di ingrandimento che inquadra un impronta digitaleSMI Group -Scacco Matto Investigazioni is one of the most prominent private investigation companies in Italy. It’s been in the business for over 60 years and his experience and expertise with discrete investigations is unparalleled. Let us assist you in private investigations in Italy and worldwide. A Private Investigator in Milano can help you catch a cheating spouse, perform background checks for your company, perform asset checks, deal with child custody issues or any type of matrimonial
investigations. SMI Group – Scacco Matto Investigazioni is the Private Detective Agency you have been seeking in Milan.
Your concerns and investigative needs will be taken care of throughout the investigating process by our highly trained and dedicated staff.
Our prices are fixed and competitive, and we aim at providing the best possible service for the minimum cost to our clients.
Choosing SMI Group means that you will have the peace of mind that you are working with professionals and you will get a service second to none:
Professional and dedicated investigators
Absolute discretion
A very comprehensive range of investigation services
A private investigator who is patient and helpful
Private investigation services in Italy and worldwide
A dedicated and reliable investigation service
Call us to speak to one of our private investigators or private detectives in total confidence and we will advise on the best possible answers to your situation. We will guarantee that we will help and support you throughout your investigation.
Contacting Us
We invite you to call us without any obligation on +39 3884877100 / +39 (0)2 48753038 and talk to a
private investigator or visit the contact page to send us an email.

Investigatore privato milano - indagini aziendali immagine di un investigatore che riprende un falso invalidoSMI Group provides clients with discrete surveillance, using state of the art equipment and techniques.
We have the best male and female private eyes for any type of investigation.
Cheating partner investigations & surveillance
Background investigations and checks
Surveillance supported by covert photography and detailed reporting
Tracing missing people, relatives or debtors
Employee surveillance
Fraud & scam investigators
Counter surveillance – bug sweeping TSCM

Do you think your husband, wife or significant other is being unfaithful? Are you trying to catch a
cheating spouse? Our team of professionals will use the latest techniques and equipment to get you theinformation you need to make informed decisions. Our team of experts will provide a discrete and personal investigation.
Our Private Detectives assist in the discovery and investigation related to all types of domestic and matrimonial investigations:
Premarital / Prenuptial Verification
Matrimonial Infidelity
Track a Cheating Wife / Husband
Criminal / Background Searches
Discovery of Hidden Assets
Divorce Proceedings
Marriage Partner Infidelity
Catch a Cheating Husband
Family Disputes
Missing Persons
Child Custody / Visitation
Stalking / Harassment / Abuse
Tracking down vehicles
Performing electronic surveillance

SMI Group can run extensive background checks of individuals and businesses. You can trust us perform the detective work properly and thoroughly

Professional Private Investigation Agency since 1962. We cover all sectors of Legal, Private or Commercial Investigations
SMI Group – Scacco Matto Investigazioni
Via Corno di Cavento, 5
20148 Milano
Phone: +39 (0)2 48753038
Mobile: +39 3884877100
Email: milano.smigroup@gmail.com
Skype: milano.smigroup

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